The Most Exciting Team In American Sports? Why It's Women's Soccer.

This one got a buzzer shot. Old Trafford stadium, home to one of the most storied franchises in sports — Manchester United — hasn’t seen much better.

This one, between two rivals who don’t like one another, was unforgettable: it was maybe the best moment in Olympic soccer history, and arguably the most captivating moment of these Games.

In the Olympic semifinal in Manchester, the U.S. trailed three different times. “I’m too old for this,” says defender Christie Rampone, 37, referring to the heart-stopping tendencies of her team. 

After Morgan scored, says Wambach, “I told her in the dogpile after, ‘Alex, I love you. I think I’m in love with you in this moment. You just sent us to the gold medal match.’” Ramipoe was similarly ecstatic. “It was one of those feelings, like, ‘Jesus Christ, we just scored.’”

Morgan couldn’t contain her emotions. “I’ve never wanted to cry on the field after scoring a goal,” says Morgan. “I think I might have shed a tear. Then after the whistle blew, 30 seconds later, I went up to my family and hugged them cried with them. They were all shaking, I was shaking, we couldn’t believe it.”

Those are just some highlights. I highly recommend you read the whole thing. There is clearly no love lost between the US and Canada right now.

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